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Who’s After Adam?

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            As all of you St. Barnabas folks know, in just over a month, Deacon Adam Zajac will be ordained to the Priesthood by Bishop Lennon.  Adam is the first member of our parish community to be ordained.  He grew up in our parish and, in talking to him, I know that he credits a part of his vocation to the support of you, the people of the parish.  Certainly we pray with and for Adam over the course of this next month as he prepares for ordination and we’ll continue to support him in prayer as he begins priestly ministry.  But now comes the challenge…Deacon Adam is being ordained…who’s next?  Who will follow in his footsteps?  Deacon Adam is the first to be ordained from our parish community…who will be the second?

            You can help to answer those questions.  Just as Adam credits a part of his vocation to the people of St. Barnabas Parish, we can help to support another young man who is considering the call to the priesthood or a young woman who is considering the call to religious life.  Recently I received a letter from Fr. Mike McCandless who is a good friend of mine and who serves currently as the Vocation Director for the Diocese.  He was inviting me to attend, along with a few young men (high school through 40) from our parish, an evening with Bishop Lennon for dinner and conversation.  No pressure, no signing up for the seminary, no commitments, just an evening to reflect on where and  how God might be calling us.  Unfortunately, because of Holy Week, Easter, and my post-Easter vacation, I didn’t have time to seek out anyone to go with me THIS TIME, but when the next time rolls around, I’d like to be able to take one or two, or perhaps more, young men with me to reflect on God’s call.

            Here’s where you come in.  Please don’t hesitate to mention to someone that they’d make a good priest.  It might be met with hesitancy at first, but you never know how that seed could grow.  It wasn’t until my Junior Year in High School that I even began seriously considering the priesthood.  Secondly, please don’t hesitate to mention any names to me either.  I’m hoping to start doing more in the vocations area and would love your support.  Please let me know too if you have any ideas of what could be done to help support and encourage religious vocations in our parish.  I will keep updated on when the next dinner with the Bishop is and hopefully, I’ll be able to attend with a few young men from our parish (remember that going does not mean that you HAVE to enter the Seminary.)  Many Easter Blessings!

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